Your content only available to authorised users!

The use of our CDN provides you with various methods of protecting your content and streams. From your own users’ interface you can simply implement and configure the security methods shown below, in order to ensure that your content is only available to those who are authorised to see it!

• URL signing:
The viewer receives a URL with limited validity in order to upload the stream.

• Geo Blocking:
Location determines whether the viewer is authorised to see the stream.

• HTTP referrer:
Our CDN determines whether the website on which the player is located is authorised to receive the stream.

• RTMPe:
Real time coding of the stream, thus preventing illegal coping of the stream.

• Live Stream security:
With the launch of a Live stream, authentication and IP filtering is initiated.

• HTTP Authentication: With progressive download, the authentication of the website can be taken over by our CDN.

• Pay Per Stream: First pay, then access to the content. A pay per view solution for all your live and on-demand content. Streaming Media Services will implement a comprehensive solution tailored to your requirements.


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