Video conference

Our video conference solution
Streaming media services offers a mature video conferencing tool making superior person-to-person simulations affordable for all enterprises both large and small. We strongly believe in the power that comes from a full view of participants body language, facial expressions, and other tiny details that lead to a greater collaboration. From a cost perspective a great and measurable trim of travel costs can be made through our video conference technology. These benefits include money saved from reduced meeting times, improved employee productivity by increased collaboration and time saved by direct face-to-face contact with suppliers and customers.

We offer one of the fastest return-on-investment in the conference call industry. A computer with HDMI connection, a webcam and a widescreen TV with HDMI connection and your ready to go. Or you can use the same conferencing technology connecting 2 or up to 14 persons at the same time on a computer with a connection to the internet. There is no additional local software installation needed on your computer to use a high-definition, life-sized telepresence to simulate in-person meetings as if you are in a conference room. Since there is no installation hustle what so ever Streaming Media Services offers a true plug-and-play video conference solution.
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