content management

Clear and User-Friendly!

In collaboration with MediaDepot© we can provide a fully-autonomous content management system through which you can administer, transcode and publish to a CDN or streaming provider of your choice. You have the freedom and flexibility to customise your own solution.


You thus have full control over your content and can, in a single sweep, manage and publish your audio and video content to a large number of websites.

MediaDepot© offers, amongst others, the following functionalities:

• User management. Users can register themselves (optional) in order to upload media. Different user levels exist. (For example, editors, home-users, uploaders, etc.) Only available in MediaDepot Corporate and Enterprise.
• User profiles. Users can edit their profile, for example by adding photos or stories. Only available in MediaDepot Corporate en Enterprise.
• Per User can be stipulated if certain videos may be uploaded, and if so, on which video channel(s).
• Tagging/metadata. Each video channel can be allocated with a set of tags, which can be associated with uploaded videos. For each video “open” metadata can be added (for example for freeform text), which can then be used for search purposes by the user.
• Rating. Each video can be allocated with a rating system. Users can thus review and rate the video they have seen.
• Thumbnails. Alongside the encoding of the video thumbnails (images) from the video (jpeg) can also be created.
• Comments. Each video can be reviewed by watchers. Each review can also be commentated on by other viewers, etc. If required, the use of filters can prevent so-called splogging (spam in blogging). Comments can also be edited/blocked should the moderator observe abuse.
• With encoding to MPEG4-H264 video and MP3 audio the option exists to automatically generate an RSS feed.
• Play-count. Each video records how many times it is streamed. On request statistics and management information can be generated from this information.

Supported Output Formats
• Flash video 7
• Flash video 8
• MPEG4-H264 (iTunes and iPod)
• Sony Digital Video (DV) PAL/NTSC
• 3GP
• Windows Media 9

• MP3



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