content delivery

All solutions in 1 standard package!

Via Streaming Media Services’ CDN you can offer your content at lightening fast speed to the broadest range of devices and in the most commonly used video and audio formats. Within seconds, all content that you place on our CDN is available worldwide! You will have full control of all services from your personal user interface.

As user of our CDN you have at your disposal the following standard services:

• On-Demand Streaming
• Live Streaming
• Progressive Download
• Streaming to IP-TV
• Streaming to mobile devices
• High-Definition streaming
• Data storage

Via your personal user interface you have full control over:

• Content management
• Content security
• Real-time statistics
• Live event scheduling
• Reseller functionality
• User administration
• Streaming costs!

Our CDN supports:
Flash, H.264, 3GP, 3GPP, AAC, MP3, QuickTime , Windows Media, Silverlight.

Regardless of streaming quality. Thus also HD!

And, amongst others, the following protocols:


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