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Streaming Media Services is your full service streaming provider! For every type of streaming we provide a tailored solution. Whether it involves the streaming of a sporting event, live concert, video clip or video conference all your web streaming, small- or large scale is in safe hands with us. For every type of streaming we provide a fully scalable solution, whereby you never pay more than you use. Discover why Streaming Media Services is the streaming partner for you!

Our engineers are available to integrate our solutions and services into your current website or to advise you on their integration. Visit online demo’s to experience the quality of our services or make direct contact with us for tailored advice. Have you the knowledge in house? Then benefit from our online off-the-shelf packages and profit from our competitive prices. Our content streaming is not only lightening fast and secure, but for each client there is an efficient, cost-effective payment model.

Our Services
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We offer streaming of the following formats as standard within our Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Wowza Media Server
Since the launch of Wowza Media Systems we have established personal contacts with the founders of this media server software company. Wowza was voted by readers of “Streaming Media Magazine” as “Best Streaming Innovation of 2008 and 2009”. Streaming Media Services is thus an expert in the provision of Wowza products, including shared and dedicated hosting. We are recognised for our custom-made Wowza solutions, including chat, recording and playback applications. Click on Wowza for an overview of all available services.

Our Network
Via our Content Delivery Network with POPs in various large European and American cities, and with more than 800 private peer Phentermine 37.5 online agreements with leading ISPs, we are capable of delivering your content lightening fast in every format to every location. Thus a live event can be viewed via the internet or IP-TV but also streamed to and from mobile devices such as the iPhone. And, if you’re truly isolated, via satellite! Wherever you are – Worldwide!



    We can provide taylored streaming media solutions for any website. We meet your streaming demands by offering a steady and reliable base and a hands-on mentality on which you can rely. Curious what we can do for you? Send us an email and we guarantee you a prompt response with a customer fit offer. > CONTACT